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Think Blue



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This Surf Bag features the word TOP which can be found at the top of the lifevest. 

Because these bags are hand cut around the image, image placement and cut on the bag you receive may vary from what you see here. 

External Dimensions  Length 6.25" Width 3.75"
Internal Dimensions Length 5.25" Width 3.30"

The Surf Bag is a 100% waterproof bag that is designed to fit comfortably in the pocket of your board shorts, be clipped securely to the leash attachment on your surfboard, your hiking pants, cross country backpack or anywhere else you would like to secure The Surf Bag on your next adventure.   

The Surf Bag uses a patented TRU® Zip zipper and is fully waterproof, dustproof, airtight, and submersible (IP67).  It glides smoothly into an over molded garage, has a self-healing design, provides a secure and confident closure and is also made in the USA.

Please follow our Product Care instructions to maintain the integrity and waterproofness of your Surf Bag and to check for waterproofness before use. 


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