Our Story

It Started with A Cookie

The idea for The Surf Bag was born in January 2023. The surf was really great and Marlene and Cathy wanted to surf longer but they got hungry and had to paddle in. Cathy was making protein cookies and started bringing them out to the surf by attaching them to her board in a ziplock bag but it wasn't a great solution. Marlene decided she could do better. She bought a sewing machine and started making bag prototypes from Tyvek. But as the prototypes progressed they were prodded by a friend to use a sustainable material so as not to contribute to the already massive amount of plastic waste in the ocean.

Aviation Life Vests

As a pilot Marlene knew aviation life vests expired, were thrown away, and would make an excellent waterproof material for the bags. Marlene and Cathy realized if they made a bag that more people would used, maybe they could make a meaningful dent in the number of life vests that ended up in the waste bin. Knowing most surfer's core problem was what to do with their key (and not where to put their cookies) they focused on a waterproof bag that not only would fit flat in the pocket of most board shorts, but for the pocketless ladies it could also be trusted to keep an electronic car key dry while hanging off the back of their surfboard.

A Waterproof Key Bag

They developed a wallet-sized pouch that can hold a key, cards and more. It fits flat in the pocket of most board shorts, can be ticked into a wetsuit and can be securely attached to the leash tie on a surfboard or SUP. It can be clipped onto a kayak strap or backpack by adding a carabiner to the marine grade steel grommet. It is completely waterproof and IP lab tested at 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. The bag features aviation grade material, a 100% waterproof zipper and is RF welded. Each component used to make the bag is made in America and the bag itself is manufactured in Los Angeles, California.