Product Care

WARNING Our stress-free guarantee covers this Surf Bag only, and not any items you may put inside it. Please see our limited warranty for further information.

WATERPROOFNESS Our Surf Bag has been independently tested in a laboratory to IPX7 standards. This means it is can withstand submerging in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. However, the waterproofness of your Surf Bag depends on your closing and opening the zip properly, and on it not being damaged either before or during use. Please follow all instructions carefully.

Before Every Use Seal a piece of paper or tissue inside, then submerge it underwater to check the waterproofness.

After Every Use Rinse your Surf Bag with fresh water and allow to dry inside and out.  Once the interior is dry, store with the zip closed.

Periodically clean the TRU® Zip waterproof and dust proof self-healing zipper using the included zip wipe or one of the following: silicone spray, chapstick, cooking oil, or any type of zipper lubricant. Just spray on a clean towel and wipe generously.  Cleaning your zip will keep it working properly.  If you like the included wipe, you can order more, for the moment please contact us directly. 

Additional information on TRU® Zip waterproof zip care and maintenance can be found here including detailed pictures and videos:

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How to test for Waterproofness