Think Blue

Our vision

At Think Blue, we are committed to reducing the demand for new plastic products by repurposing a material that would otherwise contribute to global waste.  Air travel fosters global relationships, overcoming natural barriers to connect people and support economic growth.  We want to help support the aviation industry in their commitment to reducing their CO2 footprint.  By buying a yellow bag from Think Blue you too can contribute to a greener planet.

Our products

We offer small waterproof bags for outdoors and water-sports enthusiasts.  Although our material is repurposed, we value quality and durability.  Our waterproof key bags are IP rated so you can trust that they'll perform when you need them most.

Our partners

The existence of our surf bags demonstrates the commitment of our airline partners to pursuing a CO2 neutral future. Together, we are reducing waste in aviation and making a difference one life vest at a time.

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